Composers and creators

A musical duo composed of Aaron and Julie, SUNFLOWERS is a love story between an American boy and a French girl. They created MELODIES FOR FAMILIES 2021, a unique concept that combines music and early language learning for English and French. 

Aimed for children and their families, SUNFLOWERS compose melodies that appeal to everyone that loves singing and playing at schools or at home with family.

Aaron has been an ESL teacher in southern France for the last 10 years combining music & sports in the classroom and came up with the idea of ​​designing a linguistic program to guide teachers and parents who home school through an innovative method. 

SUNFLOWERS are the authors of the musical songbook Free to Be Me, published by the Canadian publishing house The Secret Mountain and illustrated by Maud Legrand. 



Our Songbook
"Free to Be Me"

Musical Songbook published by The Secret Mountain, illustrated by Maud Legrand. 

Our YouTube channel to learn English

Educational videos to discover English & French while having fun. 


SUNFLOWERS create for you a playful program to learn English & French with music & songs.

Here we go

Since 2017

School interventions teaching English & French with music & sports.

Since 2022

Development of our musical program in France. 

Goals for 2024

Distribution of our program in the USA for a musical and linguistic awakening for children in pre-schools & elementary schools. 

"Learning with music while having fun"

Phonemes and sounds are closely related. SUNFLOWERS have always used music to transmit the pleasure of singing to young and old alike. Repeating sounds is a classic way to teach and has never grown old. Learning is entertaining & fun, especially with catchy songs & melodies that are easy to retain. Validated by teachers, our method also appeals to parents.